Explore Western Australia

Explore Western Australia

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Big Camera in Meckering

- The Big Camera Photographic Museum is situated 134 kilometres east of Perth right on the Great Eastern Highway at Meckering.

- The Big Camera Museum is the only museum of photography open to the public anywhere in Western Australia and the building is shaped like a giant camera with displays of over 1,000 items including cameras (dating from eight years before photography was invented right up to the present), projectors, enlargers, processing equipment, magic lantern projectors and slides, movie cameras and projectors( from nine and a half millimetres up to super eight millimetres),epidiascopes, zoetropes, phantascopes, kaleidoscopes and three dimensional photography.

- Also available is information regarding the Meckering earthquake that occurred in 1968. Photographs and newspaper articles are on display and local tourism information is available.

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